Jack Williams Gives Back, Again

By Tom Sweeney

Jack Williams is an active, busy guy who designs and manages remodeling projects and does some of the work himself. But he still finds time to give back to the community. Last winter it was raising money for the ALS Association’s annual snowmobile fundraiser, the Black Woods Blizzard Tour. Recently it was helping an Eagle Scout candidate build this storage shed at a city pickleball court in Golden Valley.

Scouts aren’t allowed to operate power saws or nail guns, so Jack did the cutting and had the boys assemble the structure with battery-powered drill/drivers. In the process, they learned things like a 2x4 isn’t really 2x4 inches and how to square, plumb and level things. Jack also directs youth building projects at a north shores camp.

“School is important, but kids also can build character and learn valuable skills outside the classroom. I’m happy to do my part,” Jack said.

I love that the shed matches the nearby Biffy (per the City of Golden Valley).